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Quick Start

Justin62628About 1 min

If you haven't used the software yet, please read the Newbie Tutorial

Before you officially use the software, please be sure to read the following:

  • Be sure to set and confirm the output folder before starting the task
  • Please note that the output video file format should be as consistent as possible with the video input file format

    Example as follows


If there is no corresponding format, it is recommended that you choose the mkv format

  • The output folder should be set on a drive with a large amount of free space as much as possible, and try not to set it on the drive of the mobile hard disk to avoid unexpected disk drops
  • The remaining space of the system disk should not be less than 1G
  • Before starting the task, check whether the options "Export with audio" and "export with subtitles" are enabled. If checked, the audio and subtitle tracks of the original video can be retained without loss
  • Only perform super-resolution, please select the frame rate multiple as 1x, and click the Encode to start the task; for frame rate interpolation and super-resolution at the same time, click the Interpolate (consumes more video memory)


Super-resolution function is only available in the professional version

Common Problem Solutions

If you encounter problems during the use of the software, please read Common Problem Solutions

Explanation of advanced options

If you want to study advanced setting options, please read Detailed Explanation of Advanced Settings

Command line option description

If you want to study how to use the command line version of SVFI, or implement functions such as multi-opening of the software and saving the software version, please read Advanced Explanation of the Command Line Program

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